New Day & Night mosaic mirror – SOLD

This mirror is called Day & Night. I named it that after my colour experimentation made me realize that it represents time captured in a frame. Time passes and life goes on so we must live it to the best of our ability. The concierge in the photo was just visiting. You may find this mirror and more like it on my website: http://ruarkmosaicart.wordpress.com

0 thoughts on “New Day & Night mosaic mirror – SOLD

    • ruarkmosaicart says:

      Hi Tara, of course you may. I can make you one the same size or slightly bigger and will be easy to transport to the UK. Thanks for visiting, hope you are keeping well.

  1. Tara Swart says:

    Is this one for sale? Either this one or a slightly bigger one would be perfect. And I even have a personal courier but it is for him so he may keep it in SA! Please email me at the address below to sort out payment 🙂 Thanks! Hope you’re well too.

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