Mosaic Christian cross

Mosaic christian cross - Tokai

Christian cross - Tokai

This was an interesting project for me. I have never attempted a cross before, and was keen to try one. I had to cut 2 short arms and one longer one. Next I glued the 2 short parts onto the longer length with liberal amounts of very strong wood glue. To further strengthen the jointed parts, I screwed screws into the corners of the shorter arms where they meet the long arm. This was to prevent any movement taking place, which would damage the mosaic and make the tiles potentially loosen and fall off. This is some thing that all mosaic artists try to avoid like the plague.

After selecting the correct colours, I drew the heart as instructed by the client and got started with laying the tiles.


All three arms were decorated in my favourite style, called Opus Palladianum, or crazy paving, as it’s more commonly known. The tiles are cut into haphazard shapes and lain down like crazy paving. The tile pieces are all cut and shaped carefully by hand to get this effect.


The last step, was grouting the mosaic in a lovely, soft dove grey and standing it for 2 days to dry.

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