Mosaic bathroom floor

The installation of my latest architectural bathroom floor commission is in progress and going very well. My client is a diver and has a love and in depth knowledge of the sea. She requested that the mosaic be like “walking on sea water”. I received some really lovely photos of sea water that she had taken herself to guide me with the design process.

The bathroom is not fully renovated yet, and has a bath and loo. The mosaic is to be installed starting behind the loo and then moving towards the door. The abstract mosaic design mimics Cape Town sea water, unique to the Cape coastline and consists of some beautiful turquoise colors. We have an ample color range among our high quality tile suppliers here in South Africa, so sourcing the tiles was a pleasure.

Here is a photo of what the bathroom looked like before the renovations:

Bathroom before photo

Below is a photo of the mosaic floor being installed. More photos to follow soon.

Mosaic tiles being installed






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