Mosaic House number kits for adults

DIY House Number Mosaic Kit for Adults

DIY Mosaic House Number Craft Kit for Adults

Welcome! Here in our Mosaic Studio we have put together a range of different Mosaic kits for adults and children to enjoy. Today I am going to discuss our very popular kit, the Mosaic House number. We will be taking you through a few of the basics and how to go about putting together your House number. Since Lockdown there has been a big demand for Craft projects to do at home. Craft is ideal to do with your children or as afamily together. Our kits are designed to include all the materials you require and will be shipped and delivered to your door. Once you place your order we will put the Kit together and send to you via courier. Once you open your kit you can take out all the materials and read your instructions before you start. Our Mosaic House Number kit will include the following:

  • Square Wooden base – 30cm x 30cm
  • Glass Tiles
  • Glue
  • Grey Grout
  • Tools
  • Detailed Instructions

Wooden design

Always start with your wooden base first. The wooden base required will be a sturdy square for glueing all the mosaic pieces onto the wood with the wood glue supplied. Planning out your House number beforehand will greatly assist you to design it before the tiles are glued down permanently. Below is a a photo of a Mosaic House number being planned out beforehand. This will allow you to play around with your colours and change them if required because once the tiles are glued on they will be very difficult to remove.

House number colours laid out

Once you have done your drawing and design you can start planning what tiles you want to use for the Mosaic. Always start with laying out your main design.ie. the numbers first. Then you can proceed to lay out the background tiles. It is advisable to use a darker colour for the numbers and a lighter colour for the background in order to make the tiles stand out. As per the House number above it is a good idea to lay out a tile border around the outer edge of the square wooden board. The border will surround your mosaic and frame the work in the centre.

Close up of house number tile pieces

Once you are ready to start laying tiles down with glue you can start with glueing the numbers down firmly. Once the numbers are glued down you can start with glueing down your background areas. It is advisable to position the tiles consistently about 1mm apart. This consistent spacing will prove pleasing to the eye at the end once you are done. Leave the tiles to dry for 48 hours and once done you can proceed to mix your grout for the Mosaic House number.

We hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. Please follow us on Social Media for more tips and tricks and to stay up to date on our range of Adult Mosaic kits and Mosaic Kits for children.


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