Ideas for greening your garden walls

Green walls or hanging walls have become uniquely popular in modern times. Green walls are a way to make your house more eco friendly. It can also attract birds and insects to your garden whom are mother natures polinators. Green walls enhances building exterior as well as interior facades. If your house is warm in the summer a green wall can keep temperatures down during the day and in the winter a green wall can also keep the warmth in by adding an aditional layer of insulation. It can also reduce noise by absorbing sound.

If you want to landscape your garden and add a green design, here are some easy to use DIY ideas for inspiration. My favourite is the green wall using mosaic glass tiles in the design.

Green wall idea:


Photo credit from Instagram:

Green wall idea:


Green hanging wall:


Green sculpture:


Decorated sculptures:


Photo credit from Instagram: @adesignersmind

Green wall with mosaic tiles


Photo credit from Instagram: @greenwallceramic

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