Mosaic house numbers

This is the most recent project I completed a few days ago. It was a very straightforward and simple house number mosaic I was asked to make for a client. The house numbers are about the size of an A4 page, so as to be very visible and the colours used here are warm, bright reds with a sprinkle of mirror pieces in between to give it a nice reflective aspect. The dark grout married all the bits of mosaic tiles together to leave the reds richer, warmer and darker overall. There is something very pleasing and satisfactory about cutting, shaping and putting the tiles neatly in their places and seeing your project completed. All the tiles are painstakingly and individually nipped with a special pair of tile nippers to end up with a hand cut tile. The tiles are not placed at random, but are placed with the overall design in mind. I don’t always achieve this, but the aim is to practice and make perfect…eventually.

6 thoughts on “Mosaic house numbers

    1. I cut them myself, by tracing them on wood and then cutting them out with a saw. It definitely spruces up a house number by doing it in mosaic. Thank you for having a look through my blog.

    1. Hi Linda

      I have been using the waterproof wood glue specifically, which is in a blue plastic bottle…and not the white wood glue. I use Bond-It in my grout or cement to make it more waterproof, and then I also seal the back of the mosaic wood with varnish suitable for “exterior use”. I have been doing it this way since I started and it seems to work really well…it does seem like overkill…but Cape Town is very wet and damp.

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