Mosaic house number - grouted

New mosaic house number commission

The photos below of the Lesedi mosaic house sign are the first of a short series of photos showing how to design a house number or house name mosaic and decorate it with the tiles of your choice.

It is relatively simple and lots of fun to make a mosaic. The first thing you will need is an idea or design for something that is easy to start with, if it is your first time doing mosaic. Start off with something small, like a heart, or a small, easy pattern or animal. It is better to start small before attempting a bigger more complex work. After you have experimented a bit you can attempt bigger projects.

Once you have your idea firmly in place, the materials you want to use are the next step. The first item you will need is going to be wooden backing for your project. Something with diameters 25cm x x25cm should be perfect. You can also use a floor tile of some sort, if you have any handy as they are strong and make excellent bases to mosaic tiles onto.

Here is a list of some items you may need:

  1. Pencil and eraser to plan and draw your design.
  2. Tiles in different sizes and colors. The best places to look are tile stockists in business and industrial sectors of your town.
  3. Tile nippers or tile cutters are very helpful in cutting, shaping and trimming the tiles to the size you need.
  4. The wooden backing, or board will be essential to work on. I use board that is about 10mm thick and does not bend easily, but thinner boards are also very handy to work on.
  5. The glue that is going to stick the tiles to the board surface. Waterproof wood glue or craft glue is good for that purpose.
  6. You will need grout to seal the mosaic tiles once you have completed the project.
  7. You will also need gloves to wear once you start sealing the mosaic with grout, as it can get very messy using grouts and cements. It is also not ideal to have any kind of long term exposure to the cement or grout.

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