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Public art and mosaics in Johannesburg city center

I came across some beautiful public art and interesting mosaic designs on walls whilst I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, recently. I had never been to the city center and it was a pleasant surprise. I actually did not know what to expect, and was amazed at the public art, mosaic walls (always on the lookout for interesting mosaic designs), friendly people and modern coffee shops on every corner.  The tiles looked like they were laid by hand as can be seen on the photos and this added a very organic feel to the whole wall for me. I saw this wall from the perspective of the importance of public art, public decoration and the current Johannesburg inner city rejuvenation taking place. Having spoken to a couple of friendly citizens, entrepreneurs and businesses were renovating old buildings, and giving the city a lovely new vibe.

Public art on display on the sidewalks.

Johannesburg public art

The rectangular tiles on this wall were different shades of ivory with a splash of something blue in there, as well as the odd chipped or missing tile.

Rectangular mosaic tiled wall

Close up of the rectangular mosaic tiles below. This mosaic wall seemed to have withstood the test of time very well, perhaps installed in the 1970’s.

Rectangular tiles






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