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Sauna mosaic ceramic tiles

I am busy preparing the ceramic tiles for the background of a Sauna mosaic commission. The mosaic will consist of a large Lotus flower in crystal glass with the ceramic tiles forming the background. This mosaic will be installed on a 5 square meter wall and cement bench inside a large residential sauna in Constantia, Cape Town. […]

Mosaic fireplace protector

I recently received a commission request to design a mosaic to protect a bamboo floor from the sparks produced by an indoor fire place. I designed a mosaic according to the clients specifications and dimensions. This fireplace protector sits below the fire and prevents any damage to your floor. Please remember to sign up to […]

Blue mosaic mirror

This mirror was a commission for a client, measuring 1000mm x 600mm. The design was for mainly organic leafy and circular-shaped tiles to be used in the design with sprinklings of mirror and glass drop lines running across the frame. Most of the organic shapes were made out of different blue ceramic tiles, some with different […]

Mosaic Christian cross

Mosaic christian cross - Tokai

This was an interesting project for me. I have never attempted a cross before, and was keen to try one. I had to cut 2 short arms and one longer one. Next I glued the 2 short parts onto the longer length with liberal amounts of very strong wood glue. To further strengthen the jointed […]

Traditional red mosaic post box

Red mosaic postbox

I recently received a request to mosaic an existing mail slot flush in the wall with a colourful decorative cover to make it more attractive. I did some research and thought of the idea to design and cut a “postbox” shape out of wood and mosaic it in the traditional colors of the european post […]

Lilac Mosaic Jug

Purple mosaic jug

I decorated this jug in different lilac and purple coloured ceramic tiles. I found the jug at a very nice nursery in Cape Town awhile ago. I found the terracotta brilliant to decorate onto and a great medium to stick tiles to. Nothing falls off. One of my favorite pieces made so far. Hope you enjoy […]

Girl with waves swirling around her feet

These are progress photos of my latest Diptych mosaic work. I started a few months ago and she has progressed brilliantly. I have completed the outline of her whole figure and filled in mosaic on the top part of the panel. Every piece on the 2 panels has been painstakingly and lovingly cut into different sized […]


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