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Mosaic pillars with gold tiles

One of the mosaic installations I am currently working on has these beautiful pillars at the front entrance. The old pillars are magnificently covered in black glass tiles with gold and silver ones sprinkled in between. The Rex Trueform building in Saltriver is quite old with a lot of mosaic work around the building. It […]

Amazing mosaic flower detail

I discovered this amazing mosaic flower detail on Instagram. It is made by Sicis: The Mosaic Factory, based in Italy. This specific mosaic is made from lovely glass tiles and is going on a wall. The colour ranges available in glass tiles make designs for walls & floors endless. The details on these flowers are […]

Fabulous entrance way

I spotted another lovely entrance way on one of our family meanderings this past Sunday. Doorways and entrance ways do say a lot about their inhabitants and perhaps their habits. This doorway was naturally slightly overgrown, not too manicured or trimmed. Which is the way I like them, personally. Mother nature, allowed to be herself…

How to turn an old chipped porcelain sink into a mosaic work of art

I recently had a client contact me with an interesting mosaic request. She had a lovely old porcelain sink that she wanted to have a mosaic designed on. It is one of those old “science class” sinks that you will remember from school. Due to the sentimental value, she kept it for years and it […]


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