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Work created out of shaped tile pieces to make mosaic art

Mosaic before and after picture

I recently completed this renovation of a existing mosaic mural at Century City in Cape Town. Some of the tiles had come loose and needed to be replaced. Mural renovations require a specialist to tackle renovation work due to the sensitive nature of the existing surrounding mosaic work.

Ideas for greening your garden walls

Green walls or hanging walls have become uniquely popular in modern times. Green walls are a way to make your house more eco friendly. It can also attract birds and insects to your garden whom are mother natures polinators. Green walls enhances building exterior as well as interior facades. If your house is warm in […]

Mosaic girl with waves swirling around her feet

It is apt that this girl has a long name, as she took some time to complete. She is finally done and ready to be shown to the world. She is standing in the sea with waves breaking around her ankles, holding a surfboard above her head. She consists of thousands of small tiles all hand […]


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