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My mosaic featured in Craftwise magazine

Mosaic in Craftwise magazine

A mosaic project of mine, featuring a mosaic in support of the Rhino Action Group Effort, was recently featured in a top craft magazine, Craftwise, along with 11 other fellow mosaic artists. The Mosaic Association of South Africa regularly creates competitions for its members to participate in and the challenge was to create a a […]

Mosaic girl with waves swirling around her feet

It is apt that this girl has a long name, as she took some time to complete. She is finally done and ready to be shown to the world. She is standing in the sea with waves breaking around her ankles, holding a surfboard above her head. She consists of thousands of small tiles all hand […]

Girl with waves swirling around her feet

These are progress photos of my latest Diptych mosaic work. I started a few months ago and she has progressed brilliantly. I have completed the outline of her whole figure and filled in mosaic on the top part of the panel. Every piece on the 2 panels has been painstakingly and lovingly cut into different sized […]


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