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Public art and mosaics in Johannesburg city center

I came across some beautiful public art and interesting mosaic designs on walls whilst I was in Johannesburg, South Africa, recently. I had never been to the city center and it was a pleasant surprise. I actually did not know what to expect, and was amazed at the public art, mosaic walls (always on the lookout for […]

How to turn an old chipped porcelain sink into a mosaic work of art

I recently had a client contact me with an interesting mosaic request. She had a lovely old porcelain sink that she wanted to have a mosaic designed on. It is one of those old “science class” sinks that you will remember from school. Due to the sentimental value, she kept it for years and it […]

New mosaic house numbers

Here is my latest mosaic commission completed. These house numbers are hand cut out of wood and mosaic done in ceramic yellow, orange and mirror tile pieces, and grouted with a dark grey grout. If you are interested in doing mosaic, this would be a very easy, fun and straightforward mosaic to do. .


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