The Rainbow Warrior in Cape Town Harbor

This weekend we went to see the famous Green Peace ship, the “Rainbow Warrior” docked in our city’s harbor. My girlfriend, Kate, has just launched her new environmental directory, Green Africa Directory and we wanted very much to take a walk on the boat and see it in person. She also wanted to take a photo or two to blog about. What an amazing vessel and crew. They have had 3 boats since the organisations inception with this third boat having been designed very much with the input of the crew, specifically to make it high-tech, sleek and environmental in it’s design and energy usage. We spent a while on the bridge looking at the compass, wheel, computers etc… They have over 1200 square meters of sail and can move at speeds of 12-13 knots, when the wind blows. They use the engines as little as possible, and will rely only on sail even if it means going a little slower and taking a bit longer. All in all a super morning out, to see a boat and group that are trying their best to protect our very precious and finite oceans.




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